Dr. Lindsay Berry: Thorough Eye Care & Vision Therapy Changed a Woman’s Life For The Better!

At EyeCarePro, we often ask our eye doctors why they chose optometry as their profession. Though they give us many different reasons, the one that is common amongst them is their desire to help people. We’re proud that our marketing efforts allow EyeCarePro practices to reach more people, making it possible to change more lives for the better. The many remarkable stories our practices tell us about people they’ve helped remind us of the incredible importance of the work we are able to help them do.

That’s why we’ve launched a series of inspirational stories, aimed at highlighting some of our optometrists and the amazing work they are doing in the optometric community to help people improve their quality of life through healthy eyes.

This month we’re highlighting Dr. Lindsay Berry and Vision Advancement Center.


Why Did Dr. Berry Decide to Become an Optometrist?

dr. linsay berry

“There’s nothing better than a happy patient who can see clearly and use their vision easily for their job, hobbies, and daily demands.”
– Dr. Lindsay Berry

Dr. Berry’s fascination with eye care started when she was in college studying Exercise Science. She knew she wanted to do something in healthcare but didn’t know exactly what it was until she began learning about the eye and its structures in an Anatomy Class. “I was immediately intrigued,” Dr. Berry recounts, “The eye and visual system is so complex and is involved with so many systems within the body. Having never worn glasses or contact lenses, I didn’t know much about eyes or the eyecare field.” She soon began shadowing Ophthalmologists and Optometrists and ultimately fell in love with Optometry. 

Dr. Berry loves the connections she gets to make with patients and the difference she can make in their lives by helping to improve their vision and visual performance. 

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Dr. Berry’s Inspirational Eye Care Story

dizzy patient

Dr. Berry started Vision Advancement Center 1 year ago. The practice provides comprehensive eye care and specializes in pediatrics, special needs, vision therapy, and brain injury rehabilitation. They have a passion for not only helping people see better but also helping people improve their visual function and quality of life. 

While many children and adults have great clarity of vision, they can struggle with how their eyes and brain work together. This was the problem for one of Dr. Berry’s most recent impactful cases. A 49-year-old female came into Dr. Berry’s practice complaining of dizziness, headaches, and not being able to use her eyes. She had gone to see several specialists who could not tell her what was wrong and were not able to suggest a course of treatment. Unfortunately, this woman’s vision issues caused her a great deal of difficulty:  She was unable to function during the day, to the point that she could not perform her job or drive. “She could barely walk into my office because of the severity of her dizziness, and was nervous that her life would no longer be the same if this was how she had to live,” reports Dr. Berry. 

During her evaluation, Dr. Berry found several visual deficiencies that she knew were causing her patient’s symptoms. Though she suspected these visual deficiencies were hormone- and stress-induced, Dr. Berry was not able to determine their root cause. However, Dr. Berry knew how to adequately treat the symptoms, and set to work doing just that. She prescribed a pair of specialty prism glasses and asked her patient to attend weekly vision therapy for 3 months.

prescription glasses

 At the end of those 3 months, the patient was back to her normal self! She could drive, perform her job without symptoms, work out, and enjoy her life again. She now knows how to manage her symptoms when they start to come back and can control them before they get out of hand. During her last visit to Vision Advancement Center, the patient told Dr. Berry, “I have my life back!”

Advice For Dr. Berry’s Optometry Colleagues

When the eyes and brain aren’t working together, people may have symptoms of poor depth perception, difficulty reading, eye strain, headaches, double vision, light sensitivity, or motion sickness. They may see 20/20 with or without corrective lenses, but that doesn’t mean that their entire visual system is normal. When asked what advice she might give to her colleagues in these and similar cases, Dr. Berry says she would suggest that they refer the patient to someone who specializes in vision therapy and vision rehabilitation. 

“Patients like this are often overlooked because they can be overwhelming to the provider or seem normal because they can see well,” says Dr. Berry, “but an optometrist with the proper specialization can offer a thorough look at the eye-brain connection that can provide helpful insight into deficiencies of the visual system. This can lead to treatment that can change the patient’s life, even if, as in this case, the underlying causes can’t be found.”  

Dr. Berry loves being able to help patients improve their visual performance so they can have a better quality of life. At EyeCarePro, we’re proud to help her do just that by exposing potential patients to her practice through great online marketing!

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