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To The Next Level


It's Never Been Easier To Create Marketing Videos!

Making video is easy! At EyeCarePro we know that it’s a strong component of a successful and growing practice, which is why we’ve put together a short Guide to Making Practice Videos. Just fill out the form to download it. Keep those cameras rolling and have fun!

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From Doctor Bios to The Latest Frame Promos On Social Media, Video Is A Powerful Tool!

Pro Tip: Before booking the first exam, most people coming to your website will check out your bio page to try and get a feel for who you are what you stand for. A video, such as the one shown below by our own Dr. Kim Dolman, is a super effective way to communicate your passion and care, as well as the great patient experience you deliver.

Now is the Time For Video Marketing!

Wondering why videos are such a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal? Here are some great reasons:

  • Google loves video
  • People love to watch videos — think website engagement!
  • Social media users watch and share videos
  • Personalization and Relatability: Videos show your face, the face of your practice and relate who you are!
Get Found

Don't Just Get Your Optometry Practice Found... Get It Noticed!

By using video, you will increase your online presence and engage potential new patients more effectively. Research shows that video content enjoys an organic reach of 13% compared to 2.6% for other kinds of content. When it comes to crucial pages on your website, engagement is way, WAY stronger when a video is present— a whopping 6% vs. 0.16%

Here are some other facts about video content you should know:

  • 44% of people watch at least 5 videos per day
  • 60% of people visit a publisher website after viewing a video
  • Viewers retain 58% of what they watch, vs. 10% of what they read

Create a YouTube Channel

Google wants content, and video is content par excellence. More content on your website means stronger search results. Post videos to Youtube and then embed those videos on your website. If you don’t have a YouTube channel, create one.

Keep in mind that Google indexes YouTube, meaning that for a given search term you plug into Google, relevant Youtube videos will show up on the search results based on the description and tags you enter when the video is posted.

This means that for a given eye care term in your area, your practice will get much more online exposure while simultaneously pushing your competitors farther down the page and further out of mind if you have a good video on that topic.

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What Kind

Personalize Your Website, Improve User Experience and Boost Conversion Rate

By embedding these YouTube videos on your website, you make a much better impact on potential new patients than you would with text alone. Think about it. Would most patients prefer to learn about myopia management from a video or from a wall of explanatory text? Video is much more likely to be watched than text simply being read. Like we said above, 6% engagement with video vs. only 0.16% without it.

Video also makes you and your practice approachable, while simultaneously making your website less generic and more personalized to who you are and how you practice, as well as the specifics of the services you offer. All this means your website will enjoy a better conversion rate, turning more visitors into patients.

What Kind of Marketing Video Should I Make?

This depends to some extent on the type of practice you run and what your strategic growth goals are. The simple answer is to focus on the topics that you most want your patients to know about. This could include:

  • Why do you practice optometry? What makes you unique?
  • The latest frame lines or optometric topics
  • Medical topics you’re passionate about (e.g. diabetic eye care}
  • Special services you offer (e.g. emergency eye care, pink eye, styes, etc)
  • High-revenue medical specialties you offer (e.g. vision therapy, myopia management, scleral lenses)
  • Pretty much ANYTHING that matters to you and your practice!

Do You Have What You Need?

How Do I Go About Making a Video?

All you need is a decent smartphone and a cheap tripod to keep it still. Professional videographers are great, but not necessary to reap the benefits of video.

Marketing Makes All the Difference.

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