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Having Trouble Hiring? Let Us Help!

Having trouble staffing your practice lately? Struggling to identify the right fit? You’re not alone! In a recent survey conducted by EyeCarePro, we found that one of the biggest issues our practices are concerned about is finding and hiring reliable staff. Bad staffing or understaffing can create long in-office waits, poor service and a litany of other issues that create a terrible patient experience.

We understand that consistently and efficiently getting hiring right is key for the success of your practice. That’s why we don’t just help you book more patients via exceptional marketing, we teach you how to hire great staff so your patients will keep coming back! Here’s some top tips to help you hire more successfully.


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First, A Word About Word of Mouth

As the number one contact for aspiring optometrists, our Marketing Managers are always on the lookout for how to constantly improve and grow your practice and increase patient bookings.

When discussing best practices with optometrists, the one piece of advice that keeps coming up is, "never underestimate the power of word of mouth!" In the optometric industry, it’s always important to create a job listing online to spread the word far and wide, but sometimes the best and most consistent leads you’ll find may be right in your own backyard! Encourage friends, family and staff to spread the word. Many times, it’s the people who already know you and your practice that can find someone who would be a perfect fit for your needs. And of course, while the word of mouth is making the rounds, our Marketing Manager team can help you put together that perfect job listing to post online.

Where Should I Post My Listing?

Beyond word of mouth, it’s also important to post online. So, where should you post it? Here are a few ideas:

Indeed.com or similar job posting sites

These sites can be a good starting point since people from all over the area know them. Serious job seekers will often come here first to see if they can find jobs that fit their needs. On the other hand, you should avoid places like Craigslist, where the majority of listings are not job related, and people tend not to be very serious about the listings they post, or the ones they respond to.


Be sure to link all job listings, from any source, back to your website, so potential applicants can get a feel for what your practice is about. Linking back to your site also has the added benefit of increasing overall traffic to your site, which is good for your SEO!

Social Media

Our Marketing Managers recommend using social media as a great place to help you book more patients, so why not use it to catch the eye of potential job seekers, too? Post your job listing to your practice’s Facebook or other social media page, and see what happens. You can also post your listing in optometry groups, such as ODs on Facebook.


Your Practice Website

Another great place to post your job listing is on your practice website. It’s beautifully designed, meant to catch the eye and puts your best foot forward! So why not use it for hiring? Just like with your practice’s Facebook, people coming to your site may already have a relationship with you and your practice, giving you a built in connection and familiarity with applicants coming from this source. You can place a “Become Part of our Team” button on the website, and create a subpage specifically dedicated to the job listing. 


When creating a “help wanted” page on your website, keep in mind good SEO practice. This will help it come up for people looking for job listings like yours on Google.

Creating a Job Listing Video

Posting your job listing in text form isn’t the only way you can do it! For a great example of a practice that EyeCarePro helped go the extra mile by creating a video to complement their text ad, take a look at this “help wanted” video. A few tips you can see at work in this video:

  • Just like when marketing to patients, we always recommend putting a face and a voice to your job listing. Introduce yourself, and tell potential applicants a little bit about the practice. Include visuals of your office and of the staff helping patients, just like you would in your marketing materials.
  • Briefly describe some of the reasons working for your practice would be good for the applicant. Does your practice offer great benefits? Does your office offer a great sense of fulfillment at the end of each day?
  • Expand your search to the nearby areas, and sell the community you’re in. What’s special about living in this community? Is it tight-knit? Does it offer special comforts or conveniences? Is it a beautiful area? Is there anything particularly interesting about the area?

The Interview Process


If you’ve done a good job getting the word out that you’re hiring, hopefully you’ll get a good number of leads coming through. But how should you determine who will make a good fit for your practice? Here are a few tips from our Marketing Managers:

  • DON’T schedule an interview with someone before speaking with them at least once on the phone. Having at least one phone conversation before bringing them in for a face to face interview will give you a chance to start determining if they have the right personality, intelligence and enthusiasm required to market your practice to potential patients and represent your practice brand. Some won’t, and it would be better to weed them out at this stage, instead of using staff time to interview these applicants.
  • Hold on to “runner-ups” from previous rounds of hiring, and refer back to them next time. These people were interested enough to apply and go through the interview process, and you obviously saw enough in them to bring them almost to the finish line. So don’t scrap their CV at the end. Hold on to it, and bring them in again next time. They may well be the best candidate in the next round!
  • Don’t be afraid of inexperience. Sometimes, the more experienced a person is, the more bad habits they’ve picked up along the way. Someone who is inexperienced, but otherwise intelligent, enthusiastic and willing to learn, has not picked up habits that you have to untrain before teaching them how best to create the kind of excellent patient experience you’re looking for in your practice. A blank slate is sometimes the best way to get started with new staff.

Our Marketing Managers work with hundreds of practices every year to help them with many of their needs, be it marketing referral building and yes, even hiring! We hope the above tips will help you in your next round of hiring. For more tips, and to get personalized advice from our industry leading Marketing Manager team, read about our optometry growth plans, and give us a call at 866.886.4442


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