Google Beacon and Your Practice

A number of our clients, usually those who have also been running AdWords campaigns, have been receiving these Google Beacons in the mail and we’ve been inundated with the questions: What is this? What’s it for? Is this relevant to me and my practice?

This funny looking little box is the next era in super-local messaging. How and if it can be effectively used for an eye clinic remains to be seen. The answer is probably, but it will take some creative thinking on how to do that effectively. That’s why we’ve put together a free and short guide which explains all about the Google Beacon and how it relates to marketing your practice.

Google Beacon optometry website marketing

By completing the form, you can DOWNLOAD our short guide to Google Beacon, and learn how it may be used in your practice now and in the future.

Download our Guide to Google Beacon for Optometry


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