Google Analytics 4 You and Your Practice


On October 14, 2020, Google announced a new paradigm for Google Analytics, in its fourth major release.

If you aren’t familiar with Google Analytics (GA), it’s a major player in the way your web traffic is tracked and analyzed.

The reporting we provide EyeCarePro clients is pulled and visually mapped directly from the data provided by GA, and other advanced analytic tools.

If web analytics sounds like a minor part of your practice growth’s not! This is actually huge. Your website is the hub of your online presence, after all, and all marketing activities will drive traffic to your website sooner or later. Google Analytics measures how current and potential new patients are engaging with your website and social media profiles. By tracking user activity and information collected (e.g. demographic data, interests, previous behaviors) Google Analytics shows you what’s working and what’s not, and that’s how you make an informed decision about how to improve your online presence. All that means that major improvements to GA are a big deal.


Want the most advanced marketing for optometry out there?

Now Google Analytics is getting a significant update. Let’s dive into what those are, and what that’s going to mean for your practice.

Advanced Machine Learning

Online consumer behavior is constantly changing. Meanwhile, new laws related to how user data is legally tracked have compelled Google to implement advanced machine learning algorithms, which track trends more dynamically and accurately. The new Google Analytics is rooted in this Artificial Intelligence (AI) approach to web data, and can therefore provide a lot more understanding of your website visitors, their devices, and the decisions they make. This, in turn, allows you to address previously unknown problems while improving on what does work. What’s more, you can better anticipate future actions your patients are going to take on your practice website.

So, imagine if you got an alert that a lot more viewers than usual were checking out your bio page? Or your specialty content? Or your unique frame offering? This might mean you should consider a great campaign or promotional offer to take advantage of an uptick in interest.

Better still, what if you started getting predictive metrics, like potential revenue based on specific patient types? This is one of the newest features that help you segment your patient data better, and create audiences and campaigns to reach, for example, a higher-revenue patient group with targeted messaging.

YouTube and Social Media Integration

The new Google Analytics will also measure interactions between your website and offsite channels like YouTube and social media. Are your practice videos making a difference? What about those great campaigns you’re putting on social media? With the latest GA, you can track engagement from these platforms and therefore better understand the combined effect of your practice marketing efforts.

Customer-centric = Patient Focused

The new Google Analytics will no longer fragment web data by device, platform, and other granular metrics. Now, it’s going to deliver a unified, robust picture of how your potential new patients interact with your practice brand and online presence. You can track exactly how they discover you and what steps led them to book that first appointment. And that kind of deep dive into your data is pretty darn valuable.

How EyeCarePro Uses Google Analytics

Our marketing clients receive sustained meaningful practice growth

We achieve this by using advanced content, SEO tools and techniques, and, of course, the data from Google Analytics. The new, advanced GA will give us advanced marketing tools to gather information and benefit from the latest updates and innovations. We at EyeCarePro are super excited about how we can leverage these new features to deliver even greater results for our clients.

Our marketing analytics use Google and other advanced tools to deliver a simplified, patient-growth-focused report on essential growth metrics.


Want the most advanced marketing for optometry out there?

Whether you’re a single doctor generalist or a multi-location specialist, digital marketing is the single most effective means to grow your practice, with the biggest ROI bar none. And regardless of where you are on your growth journey or aspirations, we have the right marketing plan and strategy for you. We use the latest technologies, strategies, and techniques to make your practice front and center on the patient searches that matter to you. 

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