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More Appointments. Less Busywork.
Real-time appointment scheduling made easy

The data is clear—Realtime schedulers improve bookings

A real-time scheduler converts relevant local website visitors into new patient nearly two to one when compared to a simple appointment request form

And, it’s not hard to figure out why. A real-time scheduler gives your patients the freedom to choose their own appointment slot without having to even leave your website—wherever and whenever your patients find themselves. Now imagine a realtime scheduler that also syncs directly with your EHR, while maintaining continuous reporting on new and returning patient appointments.

Introducing GetSetSchedule, part of the GetSetPro family of powerful optometry clinic marketing tools. Enjoy seamless scheduling according to YOUR schedule as you build your practice with more patient appointments and your staff can spend more time on what counts most...Great patient experience and a thriving practice.

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The results are impressive

  • More appointments booked...because it’s just so easy!
  • Keep booking when the office is closed or the phones are busy
  • Automatic reminders for patients for less follow-up
  • No more time suck! Less staff time wasted on bookings or confirmations
  • Less manual data entry for the majority of EHRs
  • Feature next-day cancellation slots for fewer unfilled bookings

Signed up & ready to roll this out?

Want a product demo? Take GetSetSchedule out for a spin by filling out the form. You’ll love the way it handles.

How does

The Scheduler Work?

Regardless of what EHR you use our scheduler connects directly to harmonize your booking calendars

It displays openings to patients who want to book

Plus it fills those slots seamlessly so your staff can do more for patients while spending less time on data entry and endless phone tag. 

The Scheduler works with ANY EHR system!

With full EHR integration with:

  • Eyefinity Cloud
  • OfficeMate
  • RevolutionEHR
  • Compulink
  • Uprise/VisionWeb
  • Crystal PMS
  • OD Office Pro
  • Acuity
  • AcuityLogic
  • FoxFire
  • MaximEyes
  • My Vision Express
  • NextGen
  • ODLink


IMAGES Layered Scheduler

The 360° data tracking advantage

All your data-tracking in one place

Having all your data-tracking in one place means there are no gaps or guesses in your marketing analytics. You know exactly how many new and returning patient appointments your website generates without patients ever having to leave your website.

Best of all, you can manage your schedule, and confirm appointments within the super simple ecosystem of GetSetPro.


Scheduler—Desktop Dashboard View

Who can use GetSetSchedule?

How much does it cost?

GetSetSchedule is priced at $99/month per office.

The pricing is competitive with most real-time schedulers

With the added benefit of full-circle EHR integration without your patients having to bounce off your website even once.

Any practice with a working EHR can use GetSetSchedule, regardless of whether you are a website or marketing client with EyeCarePro.

You can include as many doctors as needed per office at no additional charge.

Want a product demo? Take GetSetSchedule out for a spin by filling out the form. You’ll love the way it handles.