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EyeCarePro’s Telehealth application

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Equipment Needed


Laptop with Webcam
Or Desktop with Webcam


Jitsi Meet app

Your patients will be using the Jitsi Meet app on their phone or tablet to give you the clearest and best view of their eyes. The links to download Jitsi Meet will be included in the consultation appointment email.

Best Practices:

For the optimal usage of GetSetCare, Providers, please use your laptop or desktop computer. Providers, do not use the Jitsi Meet app.

How to Login to GetSetCare

  1. Navigate to GetSetPro at 
  2. Log into GetSetPro using your login credentials.
    • Your username is:
      • EyeCarePro Customers: The email address you usually use to log into your website. If you forgot, please contact
      • Everyone else: Please contact
    • Password:
      • EyeCarePro Customers: Your password is your usual password you use to log into your EyeCarePro website. If you forgot your password, you can easily reset your password.
      • Everyone else: Please reset your password. 
  3. Click the TeleHealth tab, on the left side of the screen.
Login Screen

How to Use GetSetCare

This is GetSetCare’s command center

Schedule Screen

1. Schedule a consultation

  1. Click the Schedule A Consultation button.
  2. Then complete this simple form to schedule your consultation.

2. Notify your patient by email

  1. Find the Consultation you just entered.
  2. Click Notify Patient by Email.
  3. The system sends your patient an email with their consultation appointment date and time, instructions to download the Jitsi Meet app, and the link to the meeting.(Right is a sample email that your patients’ will receive.)
Email Screen

3. Start the Consultation

  • Click Start Consultation to begin your video consultation.
  • If you or your patient are early, you’ll see this message:


3a. The Consultation Video Begins

  • You will see this screen once the consultation video session begins.
  • The overlay will disappear after about 5-10 seconds and you are ready to consult!

3b. The 3 Basic Controls

  • Microphone: This is your mute button
  • Center: Ends the video session
  • Video Camera: This turns your camera on and off
LeftControls Screen

3c. The Left Side of Your Screen

  • The Screen - Share your screen
  • Hand - Raise your hand. The patient might press this if they have a question for you while you are meeting.
  • The Chat Box - This opens a secure chat with the patient during the call

During the Consultation Video

You might want to get a better look at the patient’s eye during the consultation. Sometimes the front of the camera is not clear enough. 

The Right Side of Your Screen

Here are instructions to give to the patient to help them access the camera on the back of their phone or tablet:

  1. Press the screen
  2. Look at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. Press the 3 dots.
  3. There will be a menu. Press More Options.
  4. Press Toggle Camera.
  5. The patient will now be able to use the camera on the back of the phone or tablet.
  6. To switch back to the camera on the front of the phone/tablet, follow directions 1-5

Suggestion: For best results, ask them to stare directly at the camera lens on the back of the phone.

VideoChat Screen

What if the session is interrupted or you accidentally close the meeting tab?

If the session is interrupted or you accidentally close the meeting tab:

  • If it is during the allotted consultation appointment time, you can click the original link and get back into the meeting. Same for the patient if they close the app by accident.
  • If your meeting goes overtime and this happens, you need to reschedule the meeting and share a new link with the patient.

Final: Ending the Consultation Video

  • Press the center red hang-up button.
  • You and your patient will see a screen that looks like the one here


If you have any questions, need guidance, or don’t yet have GetSetCare, please reach out to your Marketing Manager or