GetSetPro, by EyeCarePro, is a powerful suite of apps and it’s transforming the way clinical practices are marketing. Whether you manage 1 practice or 5000, updates, data, and at-scale marketing are as easy as the swipe of a screen...


GetSetPro (GSP) will

Change the Way you Market

You could be... 

  1. An optical or supply vendor seeking to launch multichannel marketing across all your partner practices…
  2. A group of practices wanting to market your uniform brand across all locations…
  3. A practice striving to quickly and easily make your online presence count…

And GetSetPro makes that very quick and easy.

GetSetPro Features

What Can GSP Do For You?

Want to really get ahead of the curve? GetSetPro makes online management and marketing of practices and vendor products scalable in a way never seen before. Watch as you grow the value and revenues of your practices or products sold with a mere swipe of your finger.


1. TeleHealth for Times Like The COVID Crisis

Our GetSetCare Module can

  • Continue to help patients and maintain some incoming practice revenue
  • Some emergency consults
  • Ongoing appointments for ocular disease such as diabetic retinopathy or macular degeneration
  • Vision therapy or neuro-optometry sessions
  • Dry-eye updates

1. Track Appointments, Scheduled in Realtime

With GetSetSchedule you can

  • Easily track new patient acquisition and revenue generated across any number of practices.
  • Advanced AI call-tracking allows GetSetPro to recognize new vs. returning patient appointments or other calls.
  • Fill open appointment slots with maximum efficiency.
IMAGES GSP-Campaign-2

2. Launch Multi-Channel Campaigns

Our GetSetCampaign Module can

  • Launch beautiful, synchronized campaigns across email, social media, your Google listing, and your website.
  • Promote the products and services you want to the audience you want.

3. Easily Update Insurance, Products, and Services

Our GetSetWeb Module can

  • Convert the right patient to the right location by speedily updating the insurances you accept and the products you offer at each office you manage—it’s fast and oh so simple.
  • Keeping your medical and retail services up-to-date is a breeze.

4. Reputation Management—Use it to Your Advantage

Our GetSetReview Module can

  • Ensure your practices are the obvious and first choice!
  • Generate Google reviews that result in increased revenue.
  • Solicit, view, and respond in seconds

See what this feature does >


5. Chatbots are Cool...and Profitable

Our GetSetChat Module can

  • With GetSetPro, you can implement chatbots across all your sites
  • Tweak them to be a well-oiled appointment-generating factory!

See what this feature does >



Make GetSetPro Part of Your Marketing


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Features to Look Forward to

GetSetPro is still in it's Infancy, so Hold on For More

We promise you, you will love tapping these great features that we will be rolling out over the next few months:

Print — Need to take your marketing to another level? GetSetPrint will allow you to take any of your social media campaigns and have them printed abnd delivered for your next Trunk Show or Open House.

Equipment — you’ve invested heavily to provide the latest advances in eye care. With GetSetBook, you can easily add a description and image of all your advanced technology;

Badges — If you know what you want your patients to do on your website, this feature is for you! Ordering contact lenses, filling out patient forms, booking appointments—all these badges are available at the tap of a finger;