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The Secret to Optometry Marketing

Download our Strategic Marketing Guide to learn exactly how we market practices. We don’t mind giving away our secrets because you’d have to be an eye care expert to implement them—which you are! Whether you’re a do-it-yourself’er or don’t-do-it-yourself’er, this guide is a perfect start for long-term growth.

Plan, Implement and Track

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You’ll learn how to:
Plan your marketing, so you’ll know what you want it to accomplish and who you’ll need to reach to make it happen. 

Implement your plan with an omni-channel approach including social media, PPC, blogs and reputation management to motivate patients using multiple touch points.

Track your progress using analytics to measure exactly how many patients you booked and learn how your marketing can improve.

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Are you a Don’t-Do-It-Yourself’er?

We don’t blame you, putting together omni-channel campaigns is tough, and making them successful takes a lot of trial and error. There’s no trial and error when you sign up for Essentials or Specialty because you’re paired with a dedicated Digital Marketing Strategist that has years of success marketing your practice’s specialty. What’s your revenue per appointment? Essentials and Specialty receive on average 42 & 52 appointment requests per month, so your ROI is always our priority.