Your Guide to Growing Your Patient Relationships Through Event Marketing

Our world is dominated by all things online, but the fact is face-to-face experiences still count… a lot! Live events are still around for a reason–they work.


Engage Your Community 

It’s Spring and people are itching to get out…now’s the time weave live events into your marketing strategy for winning results. Sure, event marketing is not easy–nothing that gets great results ever is. But this e-book will have you hosting your event in no time (and hopefully more).

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About EyeCarePro

Event marketing isn’t rocket science, but also, it’s definitely not what you learned in Optometry school. Let EyeCarePro take care of your events marketing program along with all of the other marketing that guides your practice through its stages of growth. Our results focused approach will help you get the word out there so that you can do what you do best–helping patients.