A Free Campaign to Help More AMD Patients

February is AMD Awareness Month, remind patients—and let local prospects know—that you’re here to help them.


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If local AMD patients haven’t booked with you yet, it might be because they’re afraid of what they’ll have to hear at their appointment. Or worse, because they’re unaware that they have a serious condition in the first place. Our free campaign download will educate them on Age-related Macular Degeneration and help you earn their trust as the expert that can solve their problems.

Just fill out the form to download the campaign, which includes email and landing page copy, emails, social media posts and a poster. Basically, everything you would need to remind your patients and local audience that you’re an eye care authority and book them into an appointment.

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Ease Patient’s Minds

Campaigns like the one you can download above aren’t going to convince someone local who will never sit down with you to book an appointment. But luckily, most locals, including your patients, want help with their eyes. Multi-channel campaigns ease their minds by answering their questions about their condition and your treatments for it. Sure, it’s still marketing. But you’re using empathy to let them know their vision health is your priority.


19 Years of Growth

EyeCarePro have been providing comprehensive and contract-free digital marketing services for 19 years. We pride ourselves on being results-driven, and as the winner of the EyeVote Readers’ Choice Award for Best Social Media and Digital Marketing four years running, our clients agree. Fill out the form above if you’d like a tailored marketing plan for practice growth based on your specific needs. Give us a try, the results will speak for themselves.