Webinar Aired February 8th, Watch Below

Helping patients, as you know, is a full-time job. Running your practice and optimizing processes is a whole other story, and then there’s marketing. EyeCarePro and Foxfire Systems Group have a webinar for a practice like yours: Reach More Local Patients and Keep Them Coming Back. This is a talk you won't want to miss!

Watch the webinar below for an in-depth discussion with industry experts Marc Wolfe of EyeCarePro and Korry Petterson of Foxfire. They share proven marketing and practice management strategies for reaching more local specialty patients and keeping them coming back for more.

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Watch the Webinar

During this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How marketing can identify, target & motivate the right specialty patients for your practice
  • Marketing techniques to increase ROI and lower the cost per acquisition
  • How to save paper and time with e-prescribing, e-statements and online forms
  • Tips to create a positive patient experience through training and automation

Our Presenters

Korry Petterson is Foxfire’s leader, President, and one of the primary contacts for all existing and prospective clients. Through decades of intense personal investment in the company, Korry has created relationships with key partners to bring his clients a comprehensive suite of services.

Korry began his tenure with Foxfire in 1996 as an Office Assistant while working on his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Economics at South Dakota State University. Since then, he has ascended the ranks from Operations Manager to General Manager and eventually to President. Korry will always continue to lead Foxfire’s progressive applications into the future, while never losing sight of Foxfire Systems Group’s purpose of: “Taking care of your practice, so you can manage your patients.”


EyeCarePro has become the industry leader in marketing and works with over 1,800 practices across the US and Canada to help them get new patients online. EyeCarePro's focus on innovation and specialization has allowed them to develop services for all types of practices from single-doctor community practices, to neuro, VT, scleral, low vision, or myopia practices up to multi-location urban powerhouses. Come and meet your next Digital Marketing Manager at EyeCarePro. We're here to help you grow your practice.