EyeCarePro Proudly Receives 5th Consecutive EyeVote Award in Readers' Choice

The 14th annual EyeVote Readers' Choice Awards spotlights exceptional products and companies based on the preferences of the discerning readership. In the 2022 EyeVote Survey, encompassing 20 diverse categories, EyeCarePro emerged as the readers' favorite in the Online and Social Media Marketing Services sector.

CEO of EyeCarePro, Daniel Rostenne, expressed his gratitude: "Winning this award further corroborates that we strive to do great work for practices and provide them with value. Most importantly, we are helping more patients get the eye care they need."

Acknowledging the widespread acclaim received, EyeCarePro invites all to explore the accolades shared by some of the most influential names in the optometry industry and extends appreciation to its clients for their continued support, knowing that this accomplishment would not be achievable without their collaboration.

Furthermore, EyeCarePro attributes its success to the diligent and passionate members of its team who continue to emphasize the importance of teamwork. By keeping an ‘eye’ on its key values and goals ahead, EyeCarePro hopes to preserve its unparalleled online and marketing services to client practices with an ongoing commitment to excellence and innovation.

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About EyeCarePro:

Established in 2004 by CEO Daniel Rostenne, EyeCarePro has cemented its position as the preferred choice for optometrists seeking innovative digital marketing and website solutions. With a client base of over 2000 practices, EyeCarePro is renowned for its commitment to excellence, winning the EyeVote Readers' Choice for Online and Social Media Marketing Services for five consecutive years. Our inception was driven by a mission to meet the unique digital demands of optometrists and ophthalmology sectors.

At EyeCarePro, we are focused on delivering digital marketing solutions that meet the needs of eye care professionals while innovating for their future. Our services include specialized eye care marketing, cutting-edge technologies, and tools like the GetSetPro platform, a real-time scheduler, and an AI-powered call intelligence platform. This comprehensive approach has enabled us to eliminate the need for practices relying on third-party vendors, providing a seamless experience to drive growth.