Practice Recovery Kit

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A Guide to Survive and Thrive

Use the Recovery eBook and this Resource Page to:

  • Recover in the short-term
  • Engage patients and your community during and after the pandemic
  • Maximize your reopening
  • Thrive in the long term
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So, fill out the form, download the eBook, and scroll through this page to get all your recovery information and resources in one place. And check back often! We’ll be updating and adding to this page continuously.

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TeleHealth App—GetSetCare

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This pandemic will pass, and there’s light at the end of this tunnel...or any other preferred cliche! But the point is this: you might now have an opportunity that most practices rarely have: time. So now is the time to try out our newly launched telehealth app—GetSetCare (Part of our GetSetPro suite of apps) for free and use it straight away, but also as an adjunct to your business when times are good. Win-Win!

Come out ahead. Put the effort in now so you'll hit the ground running when you reopen in full swing!

Now's the Time to Beef up Your

Social Media Presence and Campaign Mastery

Free Back-to School Download

Times are a-changing, some schools are going to be in full swing, some will have hybrid modes and some will only be virtual. Any which way you cut it, there will be more computer time. Remind your patients with this campaign 5 top tips how to prevent computer eye strain ...

Printable posters for a smoother reopening

Educate and reassure patients with simple explanations of your procedures. Guide folks on keeping distanced, where and when to disinfect hands, how optical boards are going to work...

Get Ready to Reopen Campaign

Everything you need to say to reassure your patients that your practice is doing what it can to help them. This campaign is centered around opening for urgent eyecare and there will be another campaign designed for routine eye care when this is permitted.

COVID-19 Lockdown Engagement Campaign

Reassure and engage your patients with this free coronavirus campaign! Then, strategize to be the dominant practice when the dust settles.

Five Great Tips for Facebook

This series of Five Facebook Tips will help guide you and your team. It is meant to reassure and engage patients now (April 25) while building a strong and relevant audience.

A Social Media Webinar

Topics included: Social media as a branding tool, Revenue generation, Should you be sponsoring/boosting Facebook posts or content?, video and imagery plus strategizing for success

Optometry Marketing Campaigns 101

Learn the essential elements of successfully planning and executing great optometry marketing campaigns with this informative webinar.

The Art of Putting On a Trunk Show

Expand on your knowledge and learn the essential elements of planning, marketing, and executing a successful trunk show or optical event.

What Are the Steps Your Practice Is Taking?

This was the initial COVID-19 Campaign we released to our clients if you have not announced these steps or your closure, now is the time to do it.

A Video & Content Crash Course

Is Your Website Ready to Perform?

Learn why and how to use video effectively to grow

Video Takes Your Practice to the Next Level

How and Why to Use Video

Learning is visual. People remember about 10-15% of what they read, vs. 80% of what they view on video. That’s why video is such a powerful tool to make your website more engaging, particularly when you want to draw attention to the services or factors which make your practice the best choice for your desired patients...

Tag Your Videos Like a Pro

Putting videos on YouTube and then embedding on your website results in great SEO AND onsite engagement. This means more patients and more revenue.

Want to learn more about what boosts your online presence? Check this out!

eBook Guide to Practice Video—Making Video Easily

Making video is easy and at EyeCarePro we know that it’s a strong component of a successful and growing practice. That’s why we’ve put together a short Guide to Making Practice Videos. Just fill out the form to download it. Keep those cameras rolling and have fun!

Our Original FaceBook Live — Responding to the Lockdown

More than 10,000 Optometrists Watched Us

This pandemic will pass, and there’s light at the end of this tunnel...or any other preferred cliche! The point is this: you might now have an opportunity that most practices rarely have: time. So use it to come out ahead when we get past this hump. Some helpful webinars and ebooks and more: 

Putting in the effort now means you'll hit the ground running when you reopen!

Times a changing—How to go forward

Webinars about Surviving COVID-19

How Will You Thrive?

Watch a great series about surviving COVID by our partners over at EyeThrive.

Over 1800 Happily Growing Practices