Fill Your February Schedule with this FREE Valentine’s Giveaway Campaign

Help your patients see their loved ones by offering them a comprehensive eye exam…and a chance to win a pair of FREE designer glasses.


Seeing Well is A Gift

Valentine’s Day is coming, and if you’re anything like us, you’re a little worried about what you might be doing for your spouse to ensure that you have another Valentine’s Day next year to worry about.

If you’re thinking about what to do for your spouse, so are your patients. We created a Valentine’s Day campaign giveaway, with social media posts, landing page & email copy, and a poster, that you can download by filling out the form to the right to help remind locals that love doesn’t have to be blind. Use this campaign to book more appointments and show off your optical—designer frames make a great Valentine’s Day gift!

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Cast a Wider Net

Why do you need omni-channel campaigns? Because they’re the best way to ensure that your patients AND local prospective patients know how you can help them. Reaching patients and locals alike with multiple touch points casts your net wide. This helps convince those still on the fence that booking an exam is a better option than not seeing well.


19 Years of Practice Growth

That’s how long EyeCarePro has been building out marketing strategies based on the goals of practices like yours. Results matter , so every growth goal you have should have its own marketing strategy. That’s why it’s so important to trust your marketing with eye care experts who understand the industry. We already know optometry, let us know what you’d like to accomplish.