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There won’t be a dry eye in the house when you take advantage of this free download.


No More Tears

Winter is around the corner, bringing with it Dry Eye, which on a good day can have your patients’ eyes feeling drier than a bucket of sand. And chances are, some of your patients don’t necessarily realize that Dry Eye is a treatable condition, or won’t book an appointment for it without a nudge. Our eye care experts put together a free Dry Eye campaign to let them know how you can help, designed to capture their business when their need for you is high. 

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To get the campaign for your practice, just fill out the form above, download the files and post away. This multi-channel campaign includes social posts for Facebook, Instagram and Google Business Profile, an email and a poster. There’s a reason our eye care experts favor multi-channel campaigns like this: your patients are more likely to see it and book an appointment. Use these materials to let patients know they can book with you for Dry Eye, and discuss your practice's preferred treatments in the corresponding text.

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Focus on Your Specialty

Want to book more specialty patients? You’ll need marketing campaigns specific to your practice’s specialties. Our ODSpecialty plan averages 52 appointment requests per month, and it does that by providing digital content strategies that answer patient questions before they have to ask. Make your website a valuable source of information and your patients will make it their go-to when there’s an issue with their eyes.

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Campaigns -To-Go

Coming up with a single social media post is quick work for the average OD. Crafting a cohesive multi-channel campaign with email, social posts and a landing page is significantly more time consuming. If you’d prefer to set it and forget it, our Campaigns-To-Go Optimizer lets you pick a campaign relevant to your specialties, schedule it and track the results, all in one app.