Make Blue Light Part of Your Exam


Obviously, you want to ensure the best patient outcomes, and you want to make sure your practice is profitable. What may come as a surprise to you is that these two aren’t exclusive. You aren’t choosing between “being a great OD” vs. “being a salesperson”. The two can and should be complementary.

When you’re seeing patients in your lane, it’s easy to focus solely on the comprehensive exam: checking the patient’s refractive prescription, looking at retinal health, asking about any symptoms, etc. But it’s also important to be proactive and give yourself the best chance of both making an optical sale, and, at the same time, maximizing the revenue from it.

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How do you do this? Simple: Optical retail is also a medical recommendation drawing from your authority as the OD.

It all comes down to making lens recommendations part of the exam. Ask about your patient's lifestyle, work habits, daily discomfort or soreness, etc. Is this patient spending many hours in front of a digital device screen? Could they benefit from advanced digital progressives?

Take the time to talk to your patients about lifestyle and make a direct recommendation for the lens technologies and products that will deliver the best comfort and long-term protection for your patient.

The Handoff Is Essential

Walking the patient out to optical is a crucial step in maximizing your chances that the patient doesn’t just bail to an online vendor or wholesaler. Make sure to verbally repeat to the optician the lens recommendations you made to the patient. Some practices we know of even print out a customized “prescription” form where the check of the lens products that you are recommending. This is an effective way to further underscore that their optical purchase is a medical one, and not only a retail decision.


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