Master Your Eye Care Practice Marketing

  • Staff as Marketers: Practice of the Month

    By: Zvi Pardes | Thursday October 10, 2019
    . . . .   Amazing Staff at this Practice of the Month Talk to an Optometry Marketing Expert Over the past few weeks, we’ve been talking about how having engaged staff can make all the difference. Staff are the keys to presenting your practice brand and ensuring a great patient experience. Equally important, they…
  • Staff as Marketers: Optical Sales

    By: Zvi Pardes | Thursday October 10, 2019
    . . . .   You Need Your Staff to Help You Boost Capture & Optical Revenues We’ve already had a fair bit to say about boosting capture by how you communicate lens recommendations from the lane, followed by the “handoff” to optical. It lends medical authority to the idea that lenses are indeed a…
  • Staff as Marketers: Social Media

    By: Zvi Pardes | Tuesday October 8, 2019
    . . . .   Your Staff Is Your Practice’s Social Media Team People spend a huge amount of time on social media. And it’s important to remember that it’s largely to relax and interact virtually. Sales-y material that’s clearly “marketing” on social media is not really that effective. Let’s Strategize to Grow My Practice…
  • Staff as Marketers: Reviews

    By: Zvi Pardes | Monday October 7, 2019
    . . . .   The Path to More Google Reviews We’ve discussed many times in the past how essential Google reviews are to your practice, and the way in which they make your online billboard work in your favor. I’d Like Help Growing My Practice, Please. Google reviews are the first, and usually the…
  • Staff as Marketers: Patient Interactions

    By: Zvi Pardes | Friday September 27, 2019
    . . Everyone’s a Marketer, Optometry Is No Different Yes, there are absolutely marketing specialists, who strategically and tactically promote and engage consumers, clients, and patients in a given industry. But that’s the exception to the rule. The truth is… …that every single person in any business is a marketer. Whether it’s answering the phones,…

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