Master Your Eye Care Practice Marketing

  • Improving A Little Girl’s Life Through Healthy Vision

    Tuesday January 19, 2021
    We often ask our eye doctors why they chose optometry as their profession. While this content can go a long way on their profile page, we genuinely enjoy hearing the stories they share. Though they give us many different reasons, the one that is common amongst them is their desire to help people.
  • Meet Your Marketing Manager

    Monday January 4, 2021
    If you've always wanted one on one marketing advice for your optometry practice, you need to watch this video with Marc from EyeCarePro.
  • Marketing Survey Results

    Sunday December 27, 2020
    Your survey results are here! Take a look at how hundreds of optometrists scored on EyeCarePro's marketing survey.
  • Managing Your Brand: Evaluating and Building Your Practice Brand

    Wednesday December 23, 2020
    From Optical practices featuring the latest in designer eyewear, to specialty Dry Eye practices, the key to success in 2021 will be making sure all of your marketing efforts line up to create a consistent and strong practice brand .This means synchronizing everything from onsite content and SEO to staff inside the practice, so that they all reflect the same branding effort.
  • Find Out If Potential Patients Are Finding You Online

    Wednesday December 9, 2020
    Google Reviews are a crucial component of any business’s marketing strategy, and your practice is no different, but, it’s not always easy to get reviews, even if your patients love you (and of course they do!). So we’ve given you some templates that will make asking for those reviews easier.

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