Master Your Eye Care Practice Marketing

  • Free Fall Allergies Campaign

    By: Zvi Pardes | Tuesday September 22, 2020
    Fall is here again and so are the seasonal allergies which afflict so many of your patients. Your practice can help, but do your patients know that?! Use this FREE campaign to get the word out and book those eye allergy appointments.
  • The Essential Elements of a Great Campaign

    By: Zvi Pardes | Wednesday September 16, 2020
    Once you have your strategy down, you can start putting your campaigns together, focused on the right audience at the right time. But what makes a great campaign? Here are the ingredients for the secret sauce of great optometry marketing.
  • What’s Your Marketing Focus?

    By: Zvi Pardes | Tuesday September 1, 2020
    Marketing campaigns for an optometry practice are a lifeline for communicating what matters to your practice: from optical sales and events to back2school messaging, to getting the word out about myopia management or developmental optometry. But how to go about it? Here's what and how to plan for an effective campaign strategy, part ONE of our full series on effective campaigns for your eye care practice.
  • 5 Ways to Tackle No-Shows

    By: Zvi Pardes | Tuesday August 25, 2020
    No-shows are more than a frustrating waste of time, its a loss of revenue. Join us as we explore the causes and best solutions for your optometry practice to overcome those pesky AWOLs.
  • How much is an OD’s time worth anyway?

    By: Zvi Pardes | Monday August 17, 2020
    There's a tradeoff between money and time. All too often, ODstend to undervalue their own time when compared to costs...and it's killing their ability to market and grow their optometry practices.

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