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  • Marketing to Millennials

    By: Zvi Pardes | Tuesday November 10, 2020
    Millennials are a huge target audience for your optometry practice's marketing strategy. Learn how to market to them effectively so you can improve your bottom line.
  • Free UIOLI Campaign

    By: Zvi Pardes | Friday October 30, 2020
    It's that time of year again! 2020 is coming to a close and lots of your patients have unused flex spend and insurance benefits they could be using at your practice. Get the word out with this FREE use-it-or-lose-it campaign. Post to social media, blast emails and update your website.
  • Google Analytics 4 and Your Practice

    By: Zvi Pardes | Wednesday October 28, 2020
    Google announced a significant, AI-driven update to Google Analytics. What does this mean for your practice? How will these changes affect the way optometry is marketed?
  • Optometrists Guide to Marketing on Instagram

    By: Zvi Pardes | Monday October 26, 2020
    Whether you’re hesitant to get started, have been dragging your feet, or are eager to take your Gram to the next level, our Optometrist’s Guide to Marketing on Instagram E-Book is geared for you! The E-Book will guide you from the very basics of setting up your account to best practices using Reels! Download it today and get your gram going!
  • Beyond the Comprehensive Exam: The Scleral Approach

    By: Zvi Pardes | Wednesday October 21, 2020
    How do you reach new patients for scleral lenses? Vision therapy? Myopia management? It all comes down to the type of online presence you build for your practice website and social channels through content. And, as always, video is king.

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