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  • No Dry Eyes At The End Of This Tale

    By: Zvi Pardes | Thursday July 9, 2020
    In this riveting tale of Dry Eye innovation, we explore how one of our clients created a unique solution to a common problem. It’s full of grit, drama, and ocular disease-busting awesomeness.
  • Growing your specialty practice: Content and Referral-Building

    By: Zvi Pardes | Thursday July 2, 2020
    Join NORA and EyeCarePro for a FB Live event —the essentials of marketing & growing a specialty optometry practice with online content and referral-building. Learn how to leverage great content and expand your referral network for a growing specialty practice.
  • Saving Optometry in Ontario

    By: Zvi Pardes | Friday June 26, 2020
    Decades of neglect by OHIP, combined with the colossal pressures of COVDI-19 have led to a critical crisis in Ontario, one which threatens the ability of optometry to survive in that province. The OAO has begun a work action and petition. Here's a messaging campaign to explain the situation to patients and direct them towards change with the powers that be.
  • 5 Essential Insurance Reports

    By: Zvi Pardes | Wednesday June 24, 2020
    . . 5 Essential Insurance Reports that will help you increase revenue Navigating insurance and billing can be a colossal challenge.   Yet the financial viability of your practice might very well depend on how well you can analyze your billing and insurance reporting. It’s essential to identify inefficiencies in order to fine-tune your billing…
  • 3 Ways to Build a More Diverse Practice

    By: Zvi Pardes | Tuesday June 16, 2020
      . . Three Ways to Build a More Diverse Practice EyeCarePro is a business serving eye care practices  which operate throughout diverse communities.  With all the pain and tragedy coming into sharp focus, we felt it was time to clearly say that we stand for racial equality and justice, both for our Optometrists and…

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