A.I. & The Future of Optometric Marketing


Webinar Aired November 18, 2021

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) has captured the minds and imaginations of people across the world for more than a century. Every new evolution in A.I. promises to change the world around us, bringing us not only new information, but also new and incredible ways to view, analyze and interact with that information.

Join EyeCarePro and Review of Optometric Business as we discuss how this incredible technology works and “thinks”, and how it can shift the landscape of Optometry.

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The webinar will be broken up into 3 parts:

All About A.I.
What  is AI, and how is it different from traditional programming? How does AI learn, adapt and analyze data?

A.I. and Call Analytics
Ring Analytics - The AI system that can listen to calls and determine the outcome as well as help train staff to improve appointment bookings, and how this can help your eye care practice moving forward.

The Dawn of Performance-Based Marketing
How can AI help us move into the next stage of marketing? 

Our A.I. Experts

Raphael Rostenne of EyeCarePro

Raphael Rostenne

Raphael is a co-founder and the Chief Experience Officer at EyeCarePro.  He leads the product development for EyeCarePro's technology platforms, including GetSetPro and “Ring Analytics”, our A.I. based call analytics platform.

Raphael previously led Global Digital Experience Standards teams for 15 years at each of Canada's largest banks, RBC and TD.  At TD Raphael also worked on the Machine Learning team, where he delivered lectures on A.I. across the bank and authored a popular online learning course for non-technical staff to help transition TD into the A.I. era.