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More Appointments. Less Busywork. Real-Time Appointment Scheduling Made Easy.

Why should your practice use a real-time appointment scheduler?

The data is clear:

  • Book almost twice as many patients online as static appointment request forms
  • Give patients the freedom to choose their own appointment times without leaving your website
  • Never stop booking, even when your office is closed or the phones are busy

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Real-Time Schedulers Allow You to Book More Patients Faster

This gives your practice a major competitive advantage. And with EyeCarePro’s scheduler tool, you get so much more. 

With EyeCarePro's Scheduler you enjoy:

  • Effortless integration with your EHR so you can keep tabs on your patients with ease
  • An automatic patient notification system to save time and staff resources for more important things
  • Early-warning cancellation routines immediately re-post cancelled appointment times for fewer unfilled bookings
  • More time! There’s no need for patient follow-ups and manual data entry

Manage your scheduler with ease using this robust and easy marketing platform. Get notifications when patients book appointments and access to live analytics right in this easy-to-use, intuitive app.


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 EyeCarePro’s Scheduler in Action

Interested to find out exactly how the scheduler can grow your practice? Take a look at our case study! With our real-time scheduler, this practice was able to grow its average monthly patient bookings by almost 600% percent!

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