GetSetPro (GSP) is EyeCarePro's newest technology, a powerful app that will transform the way clinical practices market themselves. Whether you manage one practice or 5000, you can now update your website, see real-time data, and perform at-scale marketing right from your phone.


GetSetPro Will Change the Way You Market

You could be... 

  1. An optical or supply vendor seeking to launch multichannel marketing across all your partner practices…
  2. A group of practices wanting to market your uniform brand across all locations…
  3. A practice striving to quickly and easily make your online presence count…

And GetSetPro makes that very quick and easy.

What Can GSP Do For You?

Want to really get ahead of the curve? GetSetPro makes online management and marketing of practices and vendor products scalable in a way never seen before. Watch as you grow the value and revenues of your practices or products sold with a mere swipe of your finger.


1. Video telehealth

  • HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform
  • Maximize revenue-building appointments
  • Flexibility for patients and practitioners
  • Easy payment means you don’t have to chase after patients for telehealth appointment payments

2. Track Appointments, Scheduled in Realtime

With GetSetSchedule you can

  • Easily track new patient acquisition and revenue generated across any number of practices.
  • Advanced AI call-tracking allows GetSetPro to recognize new vs. returning patient appointments or other calls.
  • Fill open appointment slots with maximum efficiency.

3. Marketing campaigns made easy

  • Choose from hundreds of powerful, fully-designed marketing campaigns that will connect with your community
  • Get the messaging that matters to you practice out there, across social media, email, and your website
  • Easily track trending topics in optometry
  • No need to hire a writer, designer, or marketing person on staff
  • Plan out your marketing calendar for the year in minutes
  • Quickly identify and fill the monthly gaps in your marketing calendar
  • No more guesswork! We guide you with recommendations of the most popular Campaigns for every month of the year

4. Instant website changes with a tap

  • Always impress visitors with an updated website.
  • Improve your search engine rankings with ongoing website updates
  • Update your website on-the-go or at the comfort of your home
  • Do it yourself without waiting for our Support Team or your Marketing Manager’s Assistance
  • Available 24/7 to inform visitors about announcements and closings

5. Reputation Management—Because Reviews Matter!

  • Improve your Google rankings with more reviews
  • Increase interest in your practice by responding to your reviews quickly
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Review links are received by your patient within seconds
  • Increase appointment conversions
  • Keep on top of your online reputation at all times

6. 24/7 ChatBot

  • 24-hour patient engagement with an automated chatbot
  • Setup is quick and easy - no questionnaires or lists to complete
  • Increase conversions by giving visitors quick answers to questions
  • Answer the most common questions asked by all visitors
  • Free up staff time for direct patient interactions
  • Improved customer service while maintaining your practice’s brand and identity with customizable sections and Q&As

7. Social Media Magic

  • Customize your social media posts to match your practice voice and brand
  • Save time by seeing all your upcoming social posts in one place
  • Track which posts engaged your visitors and are “boostable” with built-in analytics
  • Pinpoint engaged posts so you can interact and start meaningful conversations with commenters
  • Quickly identify the gaps in your posting schedule so your staff can add personal and unique posts to your Facebook page
  • Easily delegate your Social Media management

Make GetSetPro Part of Your Marketing

"How To" Get Set Pro Videos

GetSetPro is still in it's Infancy, so Hold on For More


We promise you, you will love tapping these great features that we will be rolling out over the next few months:

Print — Need to take your marketing to another level? GetSetPrint will allow you to take any of your social media campaigns and have them printed abnd delivered for your next Trunk Show or Open House.

Equipment — you’ve invested heavily to provide the latest advances in eye care. With GetSetBook, you can easily add a description and image of all your advanced technology;

Badges — If you know what you want your patients to do on your website, this feature is for you! Ordering contact lenses, filling out patient forms, booking appointments—all these badges are available at the tap of a finger;