Case Studies in Eye Care Marketing Excellence

EyeCarePro Success Stories

Our products and services have helped a lot of practices over the years. They don’t call us the patient booking experts for nothing! But don’t just take our word for it. We’ll let our work speak for itself. Here you’ll find an assortment of case studies for our different products and services.

Read on to discover exactly why some practices have made EyeCarePro their optometry marketers of choice for over a decade.

  • Broward Eye Care: An EyeCarePro Adwords Case Study

    Broward Eye Care was already one of the better known practices in their area, but they were still losing patients to the competition despite their quality care and cutting-edge treatment options. That's when they turned to EyeCarePro's Adwords program. Discover how a practice can go from better to best with the help of pay per click ads.
  • Vision Professionals: An Specialty Case Study

    For one practice, normal outreach wasn't cutting it. That's when they turned to us for help. In this case study, explore how EyeCarePro's ODSpecialty service helped to increase web traffic, new patient bookings and new patient revenue after just one month!
  • Buena Vista Case Study

    EyeCarePro helps Buena Vista Optical grow 30% in revenue, new patients, and increase web traffic by almost 50%.
  • Grow Your Practice with Our Live Scheduler

    For one practice in Las Vegas, it turns out boosting patient appointments was as easy as putting a live scheduler on the homepage. Discover how one piece of technology helped increase average monthly online patient bookings by almost 600%!