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About EyeCarePro—Website Services & Marketing for Eye Doctors

Let's Go Back to 2004

It was the Wild West days of SEO and websites. Yeehaw!

At that time, authoritative websites were rare while SEO was an easy matter of cramming keywords...and if good content was hard to find, a fully functioning optometry website to serve the actual needs of practices...well, that just didn’t exist.

Our CEO, Daniel and his business partner Karri, saw that while the internet was really starting to serve the needs of many local businesses, there was really nothing to meet the needs of optometrists. And so, rolling up their sleeves and diving deep into all things eye care, Daniel, Karri and a small team of web developers and optometric experts founded EyeCarePro.

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A lot has changed since then

Optometry Websites Need to Do a Lot More These Days

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 Optometry SEO is a complex alchemy

SEO is a complex alchemy of content, optimization, and technical prowess. And all along, the underlying mission of EyeCarePro has remained the same—to provide all the website and online marketing expertise a practice needs to scale up, based on the conviction that value is quantifiable and measured in new patient appointments. And this is still the guiding principle that has kept us exclusively devoted to eye care marketing for all of these years.


Our Commitment To You

We Will Provide Growth-- Meaningful Value

And results for practices big and small

Without the need for contracts or shenanigans or games.

This devotion to results is what has led EyeCarePro to become industry leaders in marketing for eye care. With over 1800 clients, we are constantly evolving to meet the needs of practices as they are, today in the here and now. We continuously develop the most advanced marketing strategies, customized to fit the needs of every different kind of practice out there, from single-doctor community practices to multi-location urban powerhouses. From general eyecare through to the most advanced optometric and ophthalmic procedures and therapies now available.


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100% Contract Free