Top 5 Reasons To Start Using Pay-Per-Click Advertising Today!

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is one of the most powerful forms of digital advertising out there. So, what makes PPC so worthwhile, compared to more organic forms of advertising, like SEO and Content Marketing? Here are the top 5 reasons you should be using Pay-Per-Click marketing, today:


1. PPC Gives Immediate Results

SEO and Content Marketing are great long-term strategies to establish yourself on search engines, and be found by people looking for eye care in your area. As essential as these strategies are, though, they’re also slow to show results. It can take some time for your SEO and Content Marketing efforts to ramp up and bring higher rankings for your website, especially if you’re in a highly competitive area, or you’re late in coming to the SEO game compared to your competition. This is where PPC comes in!

Unlike SEO and Content Marketing, PPC doesn’t rely on Domain Authority or similar organic ranking factors that might bury your site deep below your competition. Instead, PPC ads go to the highest bidder for a given search term or group of terms, and the ads will begin to show up above even the top organic search results on page 1 from the moment you click “go” on your PPC campaign. It’s like overnight SEO!

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2. It Saves Money- You Only Pay for Clicks

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One age-old problem of paid advertising is that it can often be very expensive to create quality ad campaigns that reach the audience you want to target. Traditional forms of advertising also require you to pay the same amount whether your ad fails or succeeds in finding your audience and bringing in revenue for your practice. This creates a steep barrier to entry that can make it difficult and risky for some practices to try to break into a high-competition area or an area where larger organizations are already advertising. This isn’t so for PPC advertising. 

Usually with PPC, there’s no minimum spend to start out (though EyeCarePro does recommend a minimum budget), and since you only pay for the clicks your ad gets, you’re not on the hook if your campaign doesn’t find your audience. Simply set your maximum budget, choose the key terms you want to target and you’re off to the races!

Be careful! A poorly optimized PPC campaign can still lose you money if it targets the wrong keywords, demographics or geographic areas. Not sure how to optimize your PPC? We can help you out!

3. You Only Target the People You Want To Target

Unlike organic SEO and traditional paid advertising, PPC allows you to choose what kinds of people see your ad campaigns, where they see them and when. This allows you to create campaigns with messaging tailored for very specific audiences, based on things like age, gender, physical location, user interests, and more. This kind of market segmentation allows you to create multiple campaigns simultaneously that more accurately speak to the various audiences you may want to bring into your practice.

Oftentimes running multiple highly targeted PPC campaigns costs the same in ad spend as running a single ad through more traditional paid advertising, which would only produce a single campaign that doesn’t accurately target any specific part of your audience!

4. It Helps Your Organic SEO, Too!

While PPC doesn’t directly influence Organic SEO, there are a number of indirect ways in which it can help your organic rankings improve. Google and other search engines serve up pages in search results according to signals that show that users find these pages helpful in answering their query. One signal search engines look for is how often a page is clicked through to when it comes up in search results.

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PPC can help increase the number of people that see your page, and subsequently click through to it, increasing the page’s value in the eyes of the search engine.

Studies have also shown that even when users don’t click on the PPC ad itself, they are more likely to click through on your organic result after seeing the PPC ad up top. This is yet another way that PPC helps your SEO efforts!

5. PPC Really Works!

PPC is one of the most widely used, most successful types of advertising in digital marketing. According to a study done in 2020, PPC has now surpassed organic SEO as the main driver of online revenue for most digital marketers, with PPC ads bringing in a full 50% more traffic to advertiser websites than organic search. Factor in also that 75% of users polled said that they find search ads such as PPC make it easier to find the information they’re looking for, and you’ve got an advertising channel that’s good for you and good for your patients!

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